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What are the benefits of marketing my accommodation on Skixer?

New booking channel

Skixer is a new booking channel to help you attract more guests.

We have more than 20 years experience in ski travel and are committed to creating a fairer business model for you and our guests.

Simple, transparent and honest

It’s quick and easy to list your accommodation whether you’re a hotel, bed & breakfast, apartment, aparthotel and even chalet.

As long as your property is in a ski resort, we cover you are welcome to list for free.

Your local Skixer

Each of our destinations has a local Skixer (or “Ski Fixer”) who has lives in your locality. You can call them day or night when you need them.

They are there to support you get started on our platform and help our guests have a great experience when they are with you.

You have control

You decide exactly how much to use or not use Skixer.

We don’t require guarantee or allotment rooms. And we don’t insist you only list with us and not other channels.

We’ll also never pressure you to use us more than you’re comfortable.

Please view us as equal partners invested in your success.

If you’re not happy at any point, then we need you to tell your local Skixer immediately so we can help you sort it out.

You can also report any guest misconduct to us, and we will work with you to fix the situation as quickly as possible.

How is the relationship between you and us?

Helping to fill your capacity

Skixer is a platform like Booking or Airbnb and not a traditional travel agency.

We don’t take guarantee or allotment rooms, and you can use us as much or as little as you like.

You decide your pricing. And you choose how much commission you give us (which we pass on to the guest as an incentive to book your rooms).

The main differences between us and other booking platforms are:

  1. Skixer only works in ski destinations, so every improvement we make to our platform helps you and your guests (we love feedback by the way and it’s impossible to offend us!)
  2. You have a local contact (your Skixer) who is on hand to answer your questions and give you free and personal support.

Are we able to sell our rooms through other channels?

Yes, absolutely! We don’t insist you only list your accommodation with us and not other channels.

Use Skixer as much or as little as you like.

It’s free to list your accommodation with us, and you keep 100% of the room price, so there are no downsides in working with us.

Who can we speak to if we have a problem?

The first person you should try is your Skixer as they can offer you face-to-face personal support.

Our Skixer is the big difference between us and other booking platforms (or even travel agents).

There’s someone in your local area who lives there all year round and is available to help you solve any problems or answer any questions that you have face-to-face.

Please feel free to contact us through this website, though. We’re happy to help any which way we can.

Click here to send us a message.

How much does it cost and, are there any hidden fees?

It's free to use Skixer

Rien. Niente. Nichts. Nada. Nothing.

You decide your pricing. And you choose how much commission you give us.

We pass all the commission you give us on to the guests

You set our commission, and we pass 100% on to the guest to make it more likely they book with you.

By using Skixer to sell your capacity, you can truly maximise your revenue.

Unlike other platforms or travel agents, you can decide how much or how little commission to set from one week to the next.

In high season you can give us a small amount of commission when you’re sure of selling your capacity quickly.

In the low season (or last-minute) you can increase the commission and give potential customers an extra incentive to book with you.

There are no hidden commissions or kickbacks owed to us or your Skixer.

Remember, two of our three company values are honesty and transparency.

What happens if we overbook by mistake?

We'll help you find a solution

Together with you, we’ll find a solution that works for both you and the guest.

If it’s possible to host them in another room in your accommodation, then that’s great.

If not, we’ll find a solution elsewhere in the destination that will make all parties happy.

We'll do all the work for you

We’ll take all the communication with the guest, so you don’t need to worry about spending time on that.

When the situation comes up, let us or your Skixer know, and we’ll help you get it fixed.

How do I list my accommodation on Skixer?

If you know who your Skixer is in your destination, contact them, and they’ll help you list your accommodation.

If you don’t know your Skixer, send us a message, and we'll help you.